Being long established in the growing of plants and with roots running three generations deep samir farm & nursery has evolved to become one of the leading independent garden centres in India, renowned for its wide range of plants and customer service. Samir farm & nursery carries a large variety of shrubs, trees, , all kind of avenue trees, , broad leaf trees, native fruit trees, climbers, hedging, roses, thorn hedging, Creepers, Bougainvilleas, Palm varieties like: Bismarckia nobillis, Butia Cpitata, Revenia-Rivularis , Roystonea regia, Wodetia Bifurcata, Hyphorbe Lagenicaulis, Etc Specimen Size. We also have Ornamental plants, Foliage Plants, Flowering Shrubs and lawn: (Korean carpet, Bermuda Selection-1, American biue and Paspalum).

Visitors, traders or farmers, whoever visit the nursery leave it with a pleasant experience. They are welcomed more like guests rather than as mere customers. Indeed, we became popular for our hospitality! Explaining about the different varieties of plants with patience, the aim is not just to sell the plants but to become a stakeholder in their progress. It is our belief that if a tree is known by its fruits, the supplier will be known by the tree he supplied.

We also supply plants and trees worldwide. We have already exported plants in UAE. We also help our clients in export procedures.